Processing and security of personal data

When you make a booking to stay, we need certain data from you. We also process data in other cases, such as information requests, the administration of competitions and when visiting our websites. In doing so we also use the services of third parties who receive specific personal data and process these on behalf of Le Vald’Arimont. This occurs, for instance, for the purpose of sending brochures and e-mailings or the processing of our guest surveys. When you make a booking, your data are obviously shared with the park where you will be staying.

What do we want to know about you?

Surname, first name and gender
We would like to use your personal data to address you personally at the park and also in our further communication. These data are obviously also required to register your booking.

Address and place of residence
We send most of the booking data to you by e-mail. However, we do send some information to your home address.

Telephone number
We may need to contact you about your booking. We will give you a call if there are any questions and may, for example, send you a text message if your bungalow is available earlier. We may call you before arrival or after your stay to ask if everything is clear and whether everything went well.

Date of birth
The person who books accommodation at Le Val d’Arimont must be at least 18 years old. Inaddition, tourist tax may be based on the age of the persons staying in the accommodation. We therefore need your date of birth. Should you or someone in your travel party have a birthday during your stay, then we will try to help you celebrate and we may add something extra.

Payment details
We have a secure payment environment for you to pay for your booking. When paying with iDeal or bank transfer, your data will be stored in our records to enable your payment to be linked to your booking. Besides that, we will only use your bank account number when you receive money from us. When paying by credit card, we will send your credit card details directly to our credit card partner from our secure environment. They execute our credit card payments. During this process we will not see your credit card details. Our partner only tells us if your payment has been successful.

IP address
We may look at your IP address on the internet. We remember your preferences and this allows us to give you appropriate advice.

E-mail address
You will receive an e-mail about your reservation, invoice and bookings. Newsletters will also be sent to you by e-mail. If you prefer not to receive newsletters and offers, you can easily unsubscribe via the link in the newsletter.

Furthermore, we use your information for the following:

Guest Service
You can call, e-mail and contact us via social media. We store your data to avoid you having to provide it again. We analyse all contact moments to make our service a little better every day.
Your data will be forwarded to organisations that perform activities in connection with your booking. This also includes parties that are not part of the Le Val d’Arimont organisation. For example, the cleaningcompany or the insurance company if you have taken out travel or cancellation insurance.

Your Le Val d’Arimont account can include your personal data. Name, postal and invoicing address, date of birth, telephone number and login details. This is convenient and means that you do not need to re- enter this data every time. We also keep information about your previous bookings. This allows us to help you faster and more accurately.

You may receive newsletters and other offers from us. Their content is based on your interests and past bookings, and in some cases on information from other companies. If you prefer not to receive newsletters and offers, you can always unsubscribe via the link in the newsletter. You can also let us know bysending a note to: Le Val d’Arimont B.V., Chemin du Val 30, 4960 Malmedy BELGIUM or by sending an e-mail.

Reviews and guest survey
You can help other guests with your review. Sharing experiences gives others abetter picture of Le Val d’Arimont. The responses you provide in our guest survey are reviewed by us to furtherimprove our services. In that context, we may also share your responses and data with our parks and partners, such as cleaning service providers. You may also be contacted based on a completed survey, for example, to ask additional questions or to thank you for your feedback.

We may sometimes approach you about taking part in a guest survey or a place on our guest panel. Additionally, we are also interested in knowing how a complaint has been handled and what you think of our newsletter. Therefore we collect information on guest behaviour. This allows us to analyse your reading behaviour and provide content that suits your needs. We do this by registering unique visits and all the activities that take place during this visit, such as viewing pages, zooming in on something or clicking on links. Sometimes a third party performs these checks for us.

Special offers
If you participated in a special offer, we may contact you and inform you if you have won. We also use this data to analyse our special offers. This means that they will be even more attractive next time. 

Customised advice
If you visit our website, like us on Facebook, make a booking with us or stay in our park, we will remember your preferences. We search for you and provide you with nice offers, for example by e-mail. We may also link your email address to your use of the website. For instance, we may send you a reminder if you have not finished making your booking. We also use your information to improve our services and websites. Furthermore, we will use your data to show you useful advertisements such as on Facebook and Twitter and other online media platforms. Cookies play a role in this. We may have your data compared or combined with data known to other companies in order to match information and offers with your interests as much as possible. Insofar as we are required to do so by law, Le Val d’Arimont requests your consent before sendingyour data to third parties.

Required data
Sometimes we use guest data to investigate, prevent and counter fraud. Under certain circumstances, we are required to provide personal data to relevant agencies. In connection with (international) sanctions legislation, under certain circumstances we may also share your data with, for example, financial institutions.

Contact, inspection, change or deletion of data and complaints

Upon request, we will indicate whether we are processing your personal data. Additionally, you may request, correct, supplement, delete or block these data under certain circumstances, for example, if they are factually incorrect. This might result in you no longer being able to make use of (part of) our services. You can contact us if you have any questions.

If you have a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data, you can also contact the relevant public authority

Retention periods
We will retain your personal data for as long as reasonably necessary for the purposes described in this document. However, based on legislation, we may need to keep the data for a longer period.

Legal bases
Based on legislation, we must indicate what legal bases are used to process your personal data. This particularly concerns data processing based on 1) an agreement, 2) in connection with a legitimateinterest of Le Val d’Arimont, 3) permission that has been given and 4) in connection with a statutory duty.

We use your information mainly in connection with your booking and therefore based on an agreement with you. Your booking will be registered and we will do everything possible to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Additional contact moments, such as reviews, marketing activities, and the registration and analysisof your actions will take place in connection with a legitimate interest of Le Val d’Arimont. You can also signup for a newsletter. By doing so, you are giving us permission to use your data for this purpose. Additionally, we are legally required to include your data in the night registration.

Security of data

We use extensive security procedures to secure the personal data we process, for instance to prevent unauthorised access to this data.

Cookie policy
Le Val d’Arimont and third parties use cookies (and other techniques, which are collectively called cookies) to analyse websites, make them more user-friendly, to be able to offer social media channels and show you relevant offers on both our website and otherwise. You agree to this cookie policy by using the website.

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer or other device when you visit a website. Byplacing these cookies, Le Val d’Arimont can be of better service to you now and in the future. Both Le Vald’Arimont and other parties with which we collaborate (such as Google) can place cookies on your computer orother devices. Le Val d’Arimont defines different kinds of cookies:

  • Functional cookies are used to improve functionality for your benefit, which means that you don’t have tokeep on making the same selection or login if you have already done so.

  • Transaction cookies are used when you have made a booking and, if applicable, to pay our partners commission.

  • Monitoring/Analytics cookies are placed particularly on behalf of other parties, such as Google Analytics andthe Visual Website Optimizer. These enable Le Val d’Arimont to monitor the search behaviour of visitors and toadjust its service provision to this behaviour so that we can be of even better service to you as a (potential) guest.

  • Marketing or targeting cookies are placed to store your interests so that the Le Val d’Arimont website and other websites can provide you with offers that reflect your wishes/interests. Le Val d’Arimont can also automatically stop showing you offers when you have already made use of them or when you have already viewed them several times. Without these cookies, it is more likely that we will show you irrelevant advertisements.

    We would like to note that you can also get ads from Le Val d’Arimont without cookies.

    Which third parties place cookies via the Le Val d’Arimont website?

    Le Val d’Arimont collaborates with third parties in the area of social media, visitors statistics, vacancyservices, advertisements and video streaming, which parties also place cookies. The following companies are partners of Le Val d’Arimont in this respect: Google (Plus, Maps, Analytics, Adwords), Bing Search Marketing,Facebook, For more information on how these parties handle cookies, please read their privacy conditions, such as for Google Analytics

How does the placing of cookies benefit you?

Cookies allow us to analyse browsing behaviour and make offers that are relevant to you. For example, you will not be shown the same offer each time, when it does not reflect your wishes for example. The data we derive from trends and behaviour on our websites enable us to continuously improve our online services. If you use social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, cookies ensure that you can conveniently share your interests without having to login each time.

Le Val d’Arimont aims to make your experience as pleasurable as possible. Both in our park and on our websites. Cookies help to achieve this experience on the website.

Can you remove cookies?

You can always remove cookies from your device via your browser. And it is up to you to decide whether you want to accept cookies. Cookies are automatically accepted by most web browsers. You can set your browser to reject cookies. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you reject cookies, this might limit your use of our website (and of other websites).

You can disable the use of Google cookies by visiting the Google opt-out page for advertisements.
Changes Le Val d’Arimont reserves the right to make changes to the privacy notice. We therefore recommendthat you check the privacy notice for an update on a regular basis.

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