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Team Building, Create a group spirit !

Val D’Arimont Hotel Resort*** proposes an attractive and modular program following your demands.

Sport & Wellness

During free-time the participants can profit from the Wellness and Sports infrastructure from Val D’Arimont Hotel Resort***

Evening and indoor activities

Incentive Outdoor in the forest !

Highland Games

From the 11th century, the clan’s leaders organised war duels and rewarded the winners by making them their messengers. The final objective may differ nowadays, but tradition is upheld through a series of dexterity and strength challenges.


Capture a mediaeval castle: via cordata – crossbow – balance beam – archery – suspension bridge – dragon’s cave – abseiling – jousting


The monks from the Abbey offer an original two-part challenge. The first is a pub quiz and the second a game to challenge all your senses. Challenges and games: nails game – building with cards – bowling – races.


Your company flags have disappeared. Each team has to learn GPS technology to find them and bring them back. Orienteering game with GPS: questions and answers game – thoughts – tricks – managing technology.

Forest Jump

Come to where nature meets tradition. Experiencing living in the wild: wild life discovery – forest games – wood transport with draught horse – manual sawing – easy tree climbing – logging– orientation – forest tools identification.


Different games and scenarios are on offer, based on communication and strategy. These take place in the forest around Le Val d’Arimont. 300 paintballs per person (depending on your budget).

Mountain bike excursion

Around Le Val d’Arimont and accompanied by a guide. Leisure or sports circuit available.

Team Rally

An orienteering rally in groups through La Vallée de la Warche and de Bayon leaving from Le Val d’Arimont and encompassing the most beautiful corners of our countryside. The aim is for each group to find all the check-points, where different tests and challenges are organised. Each group is provided with an adventure bag containing GPS kit, compass, matches, torch, first aid kit and an explicit army map.

Rallye of the five senses

This is an excursion of around 2½ hours (approx. 7km), through the woods around Le Val d’Arimont. Participants will experience breath-taking views and a fascinating discovery of the flora and fauna. The theme of this activity is an orienteering rally in three teams. The teams will depart with a detailed ordnance survey map and compass. Our instructors will wait for the participants along the route with entertaining and enjoyable challenges, based on the five senses.

Helicopter Team Rally

We organise a helicopter team rally which circles the hilltops around Le Val d’Arimont, giving spectacular views over the different valleys. .

Motors Fun

The participants are divided into different teams, which have to find a way through the great “Amel” valley or another region, which has been chosen before. A compass and an explicit army map, with the check points, are their only aids to find the good path.


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